Coming together

Here it is!  The roof rafters, sheathing and wall sheathing!!  Again, thanks to mama!!  Those little boards up front – 4×3 bead-board on clearance for $1.30 instead of $11!!  Yea, we got all they had.  How wonderful!!  Tomorrow starts the work making all the trusses.  Since it is so hot we figure it will be very slow going, but hope we can have them all done by next weekend and can have a few people come help raise them and put the roof deck on.  We will see how it works out.

More Praises!!  Wednesday we got some very exciting news that relieves another huge stresser.  I am 24 weeks pregnant and have really been stressing about the birth issue.  I’m a homebirther but cant justify spending $3k on a birth/midwife when we need things at the homestead, you know, like running water and septic… Many sleepless nights, many tears, much stress over it. I saw her today with the intent on getting names to decent Dr’s and headstrong doulas. She said she isnt going to let a homebirther go to the hospital because of money!! If we can pay her, fine, if we cant, fine!! Praise God, Thank you Lord!! I was so terrified of what I saw as the only option – but the Lord is good, my midwife is good – and with them both, one HUGE stress taken off of me 😀 

Then today we find out that the original position Mr. Man was supposed to have is open.  He starts Tuesday or Wednesday.  This is a bittersweet deal for me, but I am trusting the Lord has the plan and is making all those events work for our good…  even though my mind is screaming all those negative fear based possibilities.  See, he goes from steady weekly pay/hours back to self employed status – lots more hours and unreliable pay, but more flexibility and of course opportunity to make much more…  See, bittersweet.  I/we were hoping more for a hybrid – office during the week, self employed on the weekends/some nights.  But it will be good.  The Lord knows what we need before we ask it, I trust in Him.

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