2nd Floor!!

 Today was the big day!  Sadly, the wood prices had gone up almost $5 per board in the last 10 days.  Our 18 2x12x16 ended up being almost $26 each!  Needless to say that ate through mama’s contribution pretty quick.  She decided we needed the OSB subfloor regardless.  Needless to say I tried to talk her out of it, didn’t work, ugly cry came out again.  The Lord blessed us with help with that as well!  Four of the sheets were damaged on the edge – so we got 1/2 off of those sheets!!  Basically giving us 2 sheets free!!  Plus mama got us a big umbrella clothes dryer!!  Thank you so much mama!!  Thank you Lord!! #HugeLeapForward

2nd floor decking – again, doesn’t look like much does it??
2nd Floor Rafters going up!

Oh my!!  Please be careful!!

Sorry for the horrid quality, not sure what happened.  Will try to fix later.

The view from up there.  It will really be in the trees!

Rafters up and front porch steps
Bathroom framed in.  Dont ask how we will get the bathtub in there… havent figured it out yet
Plans were changed – the stairs will be along the back wall with the kitchen built under them.

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