Weariness and Blessings

This adventure from God is starting to take its toll on us mentally and emotionally.  I really do not mean to be a complainer.  Yet I must be honest.  First let me preface this by saying a few things.  This is a path we chose.  We feel this is what God is leading us to do.  We chose to follow, come what may. Ups and downs, good and bad, in it for the long haul.  It is still what we feel He wants from us.  So follow we will.

But it doesn’t mean its always easy.  Sometimes it is downright hard.  Having had my head and heart set on 2-3 weeks of camping before being in the dry.  Tomorrow starts Week 4.  From our budget, we are looking at another 4-6 weeks.  The dirt, the bugs, the spiders.  The lack of quiet separate time.  The heat (which thankfully only lasts a few hard hours of the day, when we go down to the valley where we have thankfully almost always had a decent breeze and abundant shade).  But trying to keep 5 children entertained for those few hours of 90 degree heat takes its toll mentally.  Thankfully sometimes Netflix works on the phone.  Other times the phones internet drops making it impossible.  Or makes an hour movie almost 2 hours long with many 5 minute buffering chaotic pauses.   the children are taking it like children will. Adaptable but still needing some of what they are used to. Even they are getting tired of camping food. Like always though, Mr. Man has been able to keep up the spirits somewhat when mine are down. 
We are leaning on God just as we have through this whole process.  With Him all things are possible, He can and will make this work.  It just requires more patience from us.  Requires us to lean on Him when we feel like losing heart, to know that He will carry us though.  Literally.  
More blessings reigned down yesterday.  My mom called and had some materials she didn’t need – 12 sheets of foam board and 7 sheets of OSB!!  How amazing is that!?  Then she dropped a bomb that made me cry while sitting in the truck in front of David’s office – she is going to help us purchase materials for the 2nd floor deck!!  Praises, praises!!  Glory be to God!!  What a HUGE help all of that is!!  To make it even more interesting – we needed 3 sheets of OSB to do the front so we could start the deck this weekend – tada!  Amazing!!  I couldn’t say ‘thank you’ enough as usual.  Been having that problem a lot lately!  #SoBlessed
And although it shouldn’t surprise me, I am reminded that He HAS A PLAN!  He knows exactly what we need and makes it work.  I am reminded of our earthly fathers and how much they will do for us, their children.  Most are willingly and wanting to give to us what they can to help us succeed.  How much more would our Heavenly Father, who literally has the world and all in it as His resource, be willing to give to His children when they are following His plan?  Its almost overwhelming and unimaginable.  And so with that in mind, we will carry on knowing our home will happen in His time.
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