They Mean Well – Part 1 – Room for Stuff

I have been walking around the first floor deck the last week, laying out, rearranging, planning, dreaming.  Getting excited about the challenge of fitting it all creatively, efficiently yet still attractively.  Forgetting that this is a “tiny” house.  I don’t see it as a “tiny house” anymore.  Simply “our home”.  620 square feet for 2 adults, 6 children and a medium dog.  Not a problem!  Well with some creativity of course.  It has become our normal.

I was reminded again of how far from “normal” our endeavor, our dreams and goals, are compared to the average American family.  Bless their hearts, I know they mean well.  I know they just want what is best for our family.  I know they worry about us.  So here is part one of “They mean well” – because each person in our life has focused on one thing that apparently rates as “most important”.  As in we spend hours speaking of that one subject, every time we get together.  So this is our take on those “most important” subjects.

– Room For Stuff –

Some people are quick to remind us that our challenge will be no extra room to store extra stuff.  You mean we will have to actually love and use *every* possession we choose to bring into our home?!  I cant just put it up in a cabinet or on a shelf and forget about it until I have to dust it??  I cant help but giggle.  If the worst thing to worry about for us is “lack of space for stuff” I’d say we are doing pretty darn good!

Then I see our 3 rooms of storage and think maybe they are right – how in the world will we fit it in or decide what to get rid of.  I look at what is truly in those storage rooms.  Beds – keep a few (will be switching to futons and built ins in the next few months).  Food – keep.  Toys – drastic downsize.  Clothes – downsize.  Kitchen – already drastically downsized, but I still see more to downsize.  Bathroom – not sure we can downsize more, it already fits in a plastic 3 drawer unit.   School/craft stuff – downsize.  Tools go in the tool building.  Garden/canning stuff goes in the garden/canning building.  Furniture that we have no room for – downsize.  Well that just emptied 2.5 of them.  That last 1/2 would be all that miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t have a category or a place but we still somehow end up with it and just requires going through every single thing.  Maybe its best we are doing this now – that nesting instinct has a way of rearing its head and making this mama go crazy with getting rid of stuff.
And here I thought I had always done such a good job keeping the crap to a minimum…  Reality check!
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