Roof lines

Admittidly, the roof line issue has been a big deal for me.  Really it may seem like a silly thing to stress over, but it has really bothered me.  Especially with a metal roof!  I do not want to drive up to my house and think “Oh home sweet… barn”.    Imagine if we try to sell this place!  How many ladies would say “Oh hunny I love it!  Its so quaint and barn-like!  Perfect!”  
Ahem.  Yea.  
So I have been scouring the net trying to talk myself into this barn roof style.  We need the headroom up there and it will be cheaper then doing an actual 2nd story plus a roof.  Google, again, to the rescue.  While there isn’t many photos of homes that have the front door on the short side, I did manage to find some.  And some of them actually look kinda cute.  With the additions, it should be doable – and not look like we just added a lean to on the side of the big barn.  Will have to play with colors and architectural details, but I am feeling better about the roof line choice.

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