Today is a rainy day.  It has been raining since last night = big, nasty, muddy, wet, cold mess!!  Puts a whole new spin on “what to do with children on a rainy day”.  So off to the city we go for real showers and some supply parts.  I have realized how incredibly blessed we are to be so close to so many people!!  Just the fact that we can go and sit in a real house, on a real couch, without dirt being everywhere and take a real shower…  ahhh!!  Such a mood lifter!!  Gives me so much respect for all those families that have done this much much farther from “town” – amazing women I must say!!!
Mr. Man’s haul yesterday!!  Yes, I stressed over the fact they are pallets.  Yes, I researched for *hours* looking at every opinion I could find.  Coming to the conclusion that since they are HT (heat treated), carrying only very large equipment pieces (no food, chemicals, ect), it looks and smells like regular wood (no stains, smells, oil, ect) and they will be sandwiched in the walls, they are safe to use.  We now have 106 2x6x8!!  Mr. Man plans to rip them down to 2×4’s and use as studs.  The ‘scrap’ will then be used as furring strips between the OSB and foam sheets.  So technically we should have enough to finish the walls.  All we need now is the 2nd floor joists and OSB all around.  Sadly, the generator pull cord broke while he was taking these apart…  which means he didn’t get far dismantling.  Lowe’s is on the “to do list”.
Hope we can continue to get these pallets – they would work wonderful for all the outbuildings we need as well!!  Wood shed, tool shed, chicken house, ect.  There are even boxes covered in OSB out there that we can also take.  I am not feeling so comfortable using that OSB on the house, but again, for out buildings it would work wonderfully!!  Slowly but surly we will get it all accomplished 🙂
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