Lazy Day

Yesterday was HUGE.  Seriously HUGE!!  DT came by again to help Mr. Man set the poles and concrete them in while the Mrs. and I were busy entertaining the children, roasting hot dogs and making smores. Yum!!  The Mens sure made quick work of their job!!  Only taking a few hours to complete.  
Now it is starting to seem real.  To this point it has just been in our head.  “This is where we will put this and this” and “we need to do this, this and this before we can do this”.  And while we have had progress, even huge progress the last 2 weeks, nothing has seemed as huge as this.  The foundation is done!!!  We can actually BUILD A HOUSE now!!!! Now I am getting antsy – lets get this done!!  
The church group is coming Sunday.  Its now up to about 15 guys – with *2* foremans, who you know, do this for a living!!  What a blessing that is!!  Blue and the guy in charge of the church group came out and talked to us (ok mostly to Mr. Man) about this.  Mr. Church Man said it wont be a problem – the floor decking will be done on Sunday.  Everything will be straight and level which makes the next week of us building walls go way smoother!!  What a Blessing is that!!!  Oh yea – and I was forbidden by multiple people to purchase food to feed this crew LOL  You know Southern Women, we feed you just for stopping by.  Especially if its close to a meal time – which it will be, they will work from 8am-4:30pm -ish.  But apparently many woman are making a feast for the men to bring, guess my job will be to keep it warm and rotated.  
We feel so blessed.  We knew the Lord would pull this out.  One way or another, He always gets what needs to be done, done.  I still don’t understand “why us”, but its not for me to wonder anymore then when other things happen.  This is the Lord’s blessing, the Lord’s provision.  I Praise Him for these Blessings He lays before, again surprising me with the “how”.  Whoever would have seen THIS coming?!  He laid it on these people’s hearts, given some of them a fire and passion, given others ideas and direction.  Oh what a blessing!!  And what a responsibility!! I hope we see what we are supposed to do with these blessings!!
Oh we are > < close to a home!!  So so giddy!!  But today is a Lazy Day waiting for  concrete to set up and getting ready for the whirlwind weekend.

Ok, yea, so they look like Feed the Children ads but they are sure having fun with mama not hollering to “get out of the dirt!”
He is quite content entertaining himself with sticks and dump trucks!

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