In honor of May Day and "Occupy"

Today “Occupy” has decided to stage protests and marches.  Apparently that’s out of the ordinary for them…  But whatever.
We here at the Southern Belle Compound, have decided we are also “Occupying”.  Only we know what we are protesting – the need for a mortgage and municipal utilities!  We, however, are going one step further – providing actual solutions and even demonstrating one way to accomplish the mission quickly.  Oh yea, and its on our own land.  Hrm, ok, so maybe its the conservative version of Occupy.
I also realize that was a politically charged statement.  Hey, I am what I am.  And that headline tickled me this morning.  So there ya have it. 
Let’s talk about food.  How are we doing this food thing for 7 people (which could technically be 8 as a teen boy truly does eat for two). 
Basically we have a “drink” and “food” cooler.  Lovingly refered to as the “fridges”.  We have a water crock for the 3 gallon bottles and a 5 gallon drink igloo (currently filled with pink lemonade).  Each child has an aluminum water bottle to refill – even the bottled water that is kept in the drink fridge is dumped in.  That eliminates much of the waste we experienced the first few days.  Milk is breakfast only as it is to hot the rest of the day to drink it.  We use Solos for that. 
Food is one pot cooking at its finest.  Our dry food is in food safe gasketed buckets.  We got ours from Shipleys DoNuts for about $1.50 each.  These include canned foods like Chef Boyardee and chili, hamburger helper, oatmeal, noodles packets and rice.  We also have our 96 hour food buckets, which are used for quick, healthy snacks – jerky, nuts, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, ect.  There isn’t much cold food.  Sandwich fixings (ham, turkey, cheese), jelly, sausage patties, hot dogs, whipped butter – is all kept in a small shoe size tote in the “food fridge”.  After the ice melted and water got into all of our “thought they were sealed” pyrex containers, that’s the solution we had on hand and has worked rather well.
Cooking is done over the campfire or the Coleman stove.  I haven’t figured out the stove, so Mr. Man has to start that.  However I was able to rekindle (if that’s what its called, it was smoking embers, I got fire to come back) the campfire today – twice – and roast hot dogs for lunch!  Proud moment for sure as Mr. Man has been a trooper doing the actual cooking.  Hey its outdoors, and kind of like grilling, which is the man’s job, right?  Yea, he doesn’t think so either.  I’m learning though! 

On to nitty gritty – Mr. Man and Bou got most of the holes for the pier done with an auger we rented today. I say most because it got wicked stuck on the second to last hole. Stuck as in after 2 hours of them fighting with it, I finally called in reinforcement – DT to the rescue! Many praises sung when in 10 minutes it was out and they had the last hole done! Apparently it just needed that extra man strength that our teen boy is still developing. He has been doing so great though! Hard work for sure, but such a huge help! Mini showed up later to help move the poles up from the bottom of the hill where we had to leave them yesterday because of the rain. Whew! Will make tomorrow’s pole setting much easier!

Whack a mole anyone??

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