Front porch

The one and only time I will ever say the words “Just go play ball in the house!” LOL

OSB for the front wall. Gift of 7 sheets from my mom 🙂  Bou is spending the weekend with  my mom and sis, so he is missing all this fun in 103 heat!

Deck frame adjustment – decided to add a center support.  And dad decided we needed joists hangers – so off I went for hangers and deck screws – thank you Dad!!  And your probably right, did make it easier 🙂

First rafter!
First day of front porch construction complete!!

Ok, and yes, I realize this is a totally unconventional time to put the porch deck on.  However, we need to adjust the camp setup.  This will help with that and we already had the materiel on hand.  Easy fix!

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