First floor framed

Blue and Mini came out today to help.  I am so grateful for everyone who gives some of their time and labor to help us.  Even just a few hours makes such a huge difference! In 2 days we were able to get 3 walls erected and rip about 25 2×6’s.

I am however, beginning to question our choice of 5 large windows for a 320 sq foot space.  Of course the idea is that the side windows will become the entrances to the expansions.  Lack of lighting, however, will not be a problem!

Neat trick we learned – figure 1 stud per foot of wall – so for a 16 foot wall, figure 16 studs.  Worked pretty good.  We purchased 40 studs the first go around and had 12 left over.  Purchased 52 more (16+16+20) and the only leftover studs are the 4 bracing the first floor.  Of course we did have to use studs for the framing of windows and doors and for blocks.  Had we purchased 8′ boards or something similar we would have had studs left over.

The next 2 weeks will be slow again until we build up the funds for the second floor decking.  So we will probably go ahead and get a few sheets of OSB for the front so we can start on the front porch this week.  The plan is the width of the house (16 ft) and 10 ft deep.  Oh yes, another 160 sq ft, eventually covered porch.  A little more room to spread out is always good!

Its all coming together!!!!

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