Drastic slowdown

And this is where progress slams to a crawl.  We are into our second week of May and Mr. Man just started working Tuesday.  We were really hoping he would have started back by the first (if not before).  But that didn’t happen.  And everyone knows what the first of the month brings.  So we had to take money from the building fund.  Sigh.  The little we have left we are being stingy with for the next week or so until the job situation is more solidified.  Which should be this weekend, we hope. 

On the flip, progress is not stopped, just redirected and slowed some.  It is a future Villa afterall!  Much clearing needs to be done for the garden and future alternative buildings (that we haven’t figured out what exactly they will be used for but we really want to try alternative building methods, the “for” will be figured out as we go), trees cut and split for firewood, brush burned, wood shed built (probably with the collected free lumber that isn’t structural suitable for home building), rocks need to line the drive for future gravel shipments, drive needs to be leveled better, parking created, on and on I could go.  Its at a snails pace with Mr. Man at work and a pregnant mom with 5 children.

Interestingly, we both take comfort that the Lord has His plan.  He knew we would be here and has a plan for it.  We saw a church sign a few days ago that said “God sent Jesus into the wilderness to learn obedience”.  Well He sent us here, He has gotten us this far with some pretty awesome moves, He will not abandon us now!  And no amount of worry is going to change what is or what will be.  Instead, I am trying to get more accustomed to camping for longer than I had anticipated and making $1 stretch into $3 instead of the usual $2. 

The other good feelings came from a Lowes trip yesterday to price materials.  Each “phase” is $200-$300!  Not really having an idea gave me some issue of “how in the world”.  Seeing such a low amount for each phase makes things feel much more doable.  But the plan has changed again somewhat.  We will work on the first floor to get it in the dry, empty the storage units and then work on the 2nd floor and roof. Just seems the most efficient use of resources at the moment.

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