Camp setup

A quick post on our camp setup.  Its been almost 3 weeks, and we finally have figured out a decent, working setup for us.  
From the door of the “kitchen canopy”.  Yes, there are many times we squeeze 7 chairs in here…  very cozy!  Excuse the dirt on the floor – literally!  We are camping and have no grass yet 😛
The ice chest with the cupholders is the “drink fridge” – cokes, reusable bottles.  The big blue 5 day is the “food fridge”.  Lemonade cooler and water crock for some washing, cooking or drinking.  The tote is the kitchen stuff tote with pots, pans and utensils.  The tall white plastic drawer thing is the first aid stuff – every drawer has various (sorted and labeled) aids.

Our food buckets line the back.  Prep space.  The next tote is our napkins, paper plates, plastic silverware and solo cups.  The next tote is all the other stuff that you have to have – extra toilet paper, trash bags, ect.  The red cooler is cold bottled water.

The “bedroom” tent.  Its tight, but thankfully 4 of them still fit on a queen bed.  Each morning the blankets are put into the trunk (we forgot one when I took this). Another for pillows would be ideal.  While it is 90 during the day, at night whatever is left out feels damp.
Our clothes are in the totes.  Also a tote for the flashlights and lanterns,

There ya have it.  As simply as we can make it and still be relatively comfortable.  If there was any doubt to what we really need to be comfortable, this has settled it for us.  Even with as little as we have, I still find myself taking stuff back to the storage unit because we have no need/use for it.

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