Another leap forward and deck progress

Oh my!! The Lord is working in amazing ways!!!! 

My mom called last night  – said she really wants to help more get us in a solid shelter and decided she can postpone her big purchase (shingles for her shed roof that has been shingle-less for a year!) and help us purchase more lumber – doubling the amount she was originally going to contribute on the 1st!! 

After doing some math – it is enough to complete the 2nd floor!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! She doesnt have a lot to begin with and I was really concerned but she swears it will not put her in a spot with her finances. So with that, all of our $ we can put into the roof, hurricane ties and sheathing the outside!!  We are talking almost to the dollar amount!! We are praying that God will stretch these dollars to finish as much as possible.  I am trying so very very hard to NOT get excited and get my hopes up – but it is possible that we could have a framed/in the dry house in the next 2 weeks!!!!  

This is such a huge jump forward!! Thank you mama!!  Thank you Lord!!!  

Now of course I have to show more pics!

Floor planks

Ingenious way to straighten out the curved reclaimed wood!

Almost done with the decking!  But we are very close to being out of wood…

View standing in the front door – looks a bit camp like Hehe

View from the door to the left – you can see the burn pit and the wood shed in progress.

View from the door to the right – goodness we have a ton of downed trees to get rid of!
Littles running in the house – there will be a wall there soon!  Stairs and kitchen on the left, bathroom on the right.  They are running right about where the sinks will be 😛

The view from the “kitchen” window.

Indoor view through the front door/windows.

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