Amazing Day – Work Day

A blog post in pictures…

Not the greatest pic ever, but we have been camping for almost 2 weeks… ¬†ūüėõ

The Crew

Leveling the piers – we were really blessed with having a couple of contractors on hand!

One of the 3 projects going on at the same time – building a large fire pit to burn the brush.

One of the brush piles

The floor rim joists getting set.

Burn pit progress


Clearing an area for a clothes line



Securing joists

The cutting station

The littlests are doing so good – even though it is soooo hot!!

Lining the clothes line are with rocks like we are doing the rest of the drive


Um, yea… ¬†but this is better then some of the¬†creatures¬†we have ran into :-

Lunch break!!  Look how far they have gotten!!

After lunch – subfloor!

Getting set to screw down subfloor

A wall?!  Discussing a wall?!

The clothes line area – look how pretty and neat it is!!

After discussions on windows and interior walls, the first wall is started

Almost ready

Up, up, up!!!  Its a wall!!!


The crew “after” photo. ¬†These people were/are amazing!!! ¬†It was so hot. ¬†There is no way I could thank them enough –¬†especially¬†Blue and Mrs for putting it all together!! ¬†God is AMAZING!!! ¬†

Prayers ūüôā

Ours and Blue’s children. ¬†Who were all so good today, despite the heat and the want to play, they did quite a bit to help out. ¬†More divine intervention?? ¬†I think so! ¬†ūüôā

What more can I say?? ¬†We are so humbled, so blessed. ¬†They even took a collection for our home fund ::more tears:: ¬†Blue made us (yes, even Mr. Man!) cry a few times. ¬†There is no way we can thank them enough. ¬†Instead, we will just wait until the Lord’s prompting and pay it forward. ¬†He will let us know where, when and how – of that I have no doubt. ¬†Thank you Lord!!

1. Whoever comes are the right people.2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.3. Whenever it starts is the right time.4. When it’s over it’s over

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