A big haul

Oh what a day!!  It was a day of gathering, and gather we did!!  It’s amazing what people want to give away! 
Ended up with 15 2×20’s from a wonderful little family with 4 children.  He works construction and she is going to school.  He is a project man with big ideas and no time to finish them.  She was tired of the pile and told him to get rid of it :P. He had a ton of cinder blocks and bricks, but someone else was looking for blocks, can’t be stingy as hard as it is.  If they don’t take them all we may get the rest for the storm shelter.
At another place we got 5 sheets of exterior plywood double sided siding, gallons and gallons of paint, many boxes of tile, and interior trim for probably most of the house!  Didn’t get to meet anyone there.  This is all on top of the 30 2×6’s and 30 cinder blocks we got a couple weeks ago (we did pay $100 for that though).
We got both floors material!  Happy dance!!  Not to mention finishing material!
And we got windows!!  I haggled pretty well I think considering Mr. Man left it all on me.  Saw 2 matching windows at a salvage yard, asked how much, he said $50 each.  What if we buy more?  Oh that’s already well below what you’d pay elsewhere.  (yea, but I’m on a tight budget!).  Saw 2 small matching windows, $20 each.  Hrm, found a few more matching windows…  He sad $350 plus tax, I said $300, he said $325 cash – I said done.  Then noticed one of the windows had a little defect (the bottom popped down a bit from the window, still sealed just not straight).  So he gave me $25 back!  Grand total: 8 brand new still in packaging, double pane, argon filled, low e coating for $300!!!!!  After a bit of looking online, similar windows are about $165 each.  Had to go similar because they are dealer only, which requires a personal quote, blah blah, but installed they average around $500 each, what ever labor costs. Regardless, we got them for about $38 each.  Score!! 

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