Simplistic living

Much progress was made today.  Thanks in great part to brother-in-laws.  The beginning conversation was a bit interesting – in a pulling at your heart strings “we care about you guys and want to help you, cant we contribute to a monthly rent payment so you don’t have to do this crazy thing” kind of way.  Hard for a pregnant mama to hold back tears with that kind of support being offered.

It has become apparent that the hardest part for people to understand is the paradigm shift we have had.  Simplistic living is probably not for everyone.  It is a major change from what we, as American society, believes.  Bigger is better.  Go to school, get good grades, go to a good college, get good grades, get a safe secure job and live happily ever after.  When you get a raise, spend it – buy a new car, a bigger house, a new boat.  To say “sure, we could afford it, but why?” is a big leap.  To rough it for a few months in order to build a house debt free when there are thousands of houses for rent and for sale is out of the ordinary.  To rough it for a few months to build a house debt free that is only 640 sqft is unheard of for most people.  How can you live in something that small??  Let alone with multiple children?!  The answer is easy – you simplify your life.  Less stuff = smaller home = less bills = less work required to pay those bills = more time and money for what you choose to spend your time and money on without having to work more/harder/longer.

The movement is gaining momentum!  New Film Exposes the Lifestyle of Tiny House People.  True, most of the people doing it do not have 6 children.  Ok, so we started a little later in life then most.  For most of the Tiny House People, either they are retired or they are just starting out.  It will be easy for them to add on when needed.  Us, well, we are where we are working with what we have.  I am sure each of them have/had their own challenges to overcome, this is ours.  I wonder how often our children will look back and say “I wish we had a 4,000 sqft home.  Sure it would have meant my parents would have had to work all the time and we would not have had all those experiences and vacations.  But I would have preferred the house.”  I’m guessing not often.

Ok, enough about all of that – lets get to the technical stuff.  The home site was cleared and leveled .  My mom let us borrow her 5500 watt generator, Mr. Man’s cousin got it running in 5 minutes.  YAY for both!!  We have a power source!!  She also has a gas powered concrete mixer we can borrow!!  Did I mention before that she had plans for the building we wanted?!  Complete with supply list and patterns!!  Amazing!!  I had to explain to Blue that he has done an amazing job – the church even got a non profit tax ID# for us!!  Anyone that wants to contribute can write it off!! How amazing is that?!  Obviously we don’t know what will ultimately come from this, but just the thoughts and support from the people around us means more then any of them know.  The Lord is working and moving – I just hope we can figure out a way to “pay back/forward” all of these blessings!!!  I’m sure the Lord will present an opportunity in good time.  We need to find a source for cheap gravel/driveway material.  It took 2 days for it to dry out enough to get to the building site.  It supposed to rain again for 3 days starting Friday.  Relying on the Lord to make it work.

As I mentioned earlier – 2 of my brother in laws came out.  They were able to knock out that huge pile of trees in no time!!

From one direction of the driveway.  Mr. Man created a circle drive for me <3

Leveled off and ready for footers to be dug.

3rd row
2nd Row – yes he chose the floor

Love how adaptable children are.  They were tired, so they went to sleep.

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