Setting up camp

Long day.  Starting with a trip to the er.  Always fun.  No worry everyone is fine, or will he in a few more days.  The two oldest started showing red bumps on the feet and hands.  Poison oak or ivy quickly ruled out as were ant bites.  Darn Google, they match all the symptoms for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  No worry, its actually hand, foot, mouth disease.  Lovely.  The strange thing – they all have it but only the two oldest show the spots.  Usually, and why I didn’t think it was, the younger you are the more symptoms you show.  And since everyone’s been sick anyway, there was no way to distinguish the symptoms.  The Dr was puzzled why the younger ones have not shown spots.   Nor how they were still trampling through the woods with the virus.  She just kept saying “wow, you guys have really tough kids” Haha.  Rocky mountain spotted Fever she said does show the same symptoms but it would be more – instead of 99 temp, it’d be 102 – tired would be exhausted can’t get out of bed – the spots would cover almost the whole area quickly.  So good to know!

Left there and came to set up camp.  By evening I had gone from “not feeling so good to this virus is kicking my butt”.  Mr man and the children set up most of camp, before a walmart trip.  Why is it no matter what you always have to make 20 trips to the store when you move?  Even when you move from home to home.  Strange indeed. 

I quickly went to bed upon arriving… Home?  Waking a few times.  At one point it was very dark, I remember thinking “you know, its probably best that I feel so horrible.  Normally I would have awoke at every sound (being a new place – let alone in a tent in the woods for the first time!)  Yea, I don’t care”.  Rolled over and went back to sleep. The camp pads we have however, are not enough padding for this pregnant mama.  Off to the store again…

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