On our way

A very heavy trailer and many emotions/thoughts running through my mind.  Mr. Man is in “the mode” – you know the “yes I have been up for 24 hours, have packed and loaded all of our belongings but I refuse to pull over and sleep because we are only 4 hours away (and then we get to unload the trailer into a storage unit before we surprise each of our parents with vists because nobody knows we are coming back lol!)”. Think he is on his 4th rockstar/redbull… am I the only weird one with a husband like that? Lol 

Home Sweet Home
We packed, loaded, drove, unpacked and returned the trailer within 26 hours.  Pretty amazing feat for a family of 7!!  We decided to just surprise each of our parents.  My mom was pretty funny – I took Mr. Littlest, knocked on the door and asked to borrow their restroom.  They were pretty excited!!  Next was Mr. Man’s mom.  We skyped on the way to her house then turned the phone so she was looking at her house.  I had expected her excitement to last more then the 2 minutes it did.  Next up with Mr. Man’s dad – who apparently had said just an hour before that we had to be on our way back since they had not talked for 2 days.  Interesting LOL  They said we could stay here until we found the land, hope that doesn’t take long as I don’t want to over stay the welcome.  A family of 7 with 5 children can be a bit of a handful, especially when it is sudden and you are used to quiet!  It feels so good to be home with all our loved ones!!
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