It’s getting to me

I’ll admit it. 5 children, on the mend sick pregnant mama, 90 degree weather, no naps for days because its to hot the littles can’t sleep for more then 15 minutes, oh yea, and we live at camp. Today was not pleasant. My first bad day.

Ok, 1 more whine – oh my the bugs!! Say it with me in a loud whiney child like voice – eeeeewwwww! The grasshoppers are un-freaking-believable! I am not exaggerating when I say millions! Everywhere! Dozens in the kitchen tent! Ugh! And spiders, while I haven’t seen many the few I have have freaked me out!! Like the mama trarantula that Mr man killed in front of of rent door! Ypu know what that means… Yup… Screamed like a girl, yes I did!

Enough whining. On to positives!

Blue came out with his 2 big boys. He helped Mr Man lay out the batter boards and some strings. I get the idea, the concept is a big confusing but whatever. They say we are only 1/4 inch off square. I say that’s pretty darn good for a couple of inexperienced dudes and a few hours work!

Blue also said that we should expect about a dozen guys to help next Sunday through his church!! How amazing is that?! Really hope we can get the foundation and bottom floor deck done before then, all those hands would be so useful for walls and maybe even a roof . Funny one son asked me how long I thought it would take to build the house. I said “oh a week, maybe 2”. Shaking his head, “i dunno, I’m thinking more like 2 months”. Sorry kid and whoever you are repeating – this mama is not camping for 2 months! I will climb on ladders and roofs myself if I have to! Oh dear oh dear! 

 On to other excitement, Mr. Littlest is quite happy that he has learned how to control and draw rainbows. No I am not describing artistic skill, rather that skill that only males possess. Ahem. Yesterday informing us that he didn’t make a rainbow but an ‘A’ “all by myself” he proudly proclaimed and then re-enacted. Ah, the thrills of being a 3 year old boy surrounded by woods and a newly learned… Skill? I’ll hush now, and leave this post with the promised pictures of camp which I will have to edit when I get access to computer internet. 

Camp – Canopy is the kitchen/first aide/everything.  Back tent is for sleeping only in order to limit the amount of dirt we sleep on.
Our rustic bathroom.

The home site laid out.

I guess when your hot, sleepy and 5 years old, you can find a spot to nap.

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