It was all training

Now here we are, back in Arkansas. I think we have seen every piece of land for sale in a 30 mile radius in the country the last 2 days.  Yes, I realize it is country.  No, I am not entirely thrilled with the idea.  But I think in the long run it will be best.  I hope.  And if not, we can just sell it.  Right??  Right…  I mean, its one thing to think and dream about “one day”, but when that “one day” shows up… you wonder if you are really cut out for it.

So all that country living, having to bring in potable water, no heat/ac, spotty electrical power, spotty running water, oh dear on and on… it will all work together here.  Lets pray that this isnt training for something bigger… I’m not entirely sure how I will handle all this…  The girl that grew up in the city and suburbs, has claimed an almost hatred of the country, has never been camping a day in her life – is  moving to the country.  Roughing it while we build and get everything set up proper.  Crazy??  Eh, perhaps a little bit.

But what option is there??

We could use the money we have for first and last months rent plus security deposit, and attempt to save here and there for the next 3 years before buying again.

Or we can use that money, buy land, build a tiny house and build on as we can afford.  Land payment is half of what rent would be.

Yup, case closed.  Here we go!!

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