It has been decided…

We are going back.

Day 2, no water… Again… Sigh. There is a leak on the ranch so the water has to stay off until it is fixed.  As much as I am getting tired of this, its giving us good practice, right? :P. So let’s recap – in the last 6 months, we have learned how to live: in very small spaces – with no refrigerator for weeks on end – completely off of food storage – no running water with no notice – no ac/heat with temps in the teens to mid 90’s – lots of situation awareness. I’m sure there are other things. 

And it gets better – propane is out, no hot water when it does get turned back on… I’d rather just pack up and go back to AR 3 weeks early then spend $ on a hotel. But then is leaving this early just a gut reaction, we would miss out on a lot of money.  Fiesta is a huge 10 day party, hear we make crazy mad money, why we planned to stay until the first of May when its over.  That would really be helpful for the homestead… Not to mention height of tornado season in a tent… But we have the cash to go back now and get stuff started… Mr. Man says he is out of answers, he doesn’t know what the best thing to do.

So here’s another twist – Mr. Man decides thats It, we are going back to AR this weekend. Tells the children to start packing, I mention I could use more food buckets. So we load up to get them. Decide to stop by the tire shop because there is very little tread on these, let’s price new ones.. The tread on one tire was totally separating! Well obviously we can’t make a 700 mile trip on these tires.  Since they only had 3 of the ones we wanted, they gave us a set of tires with a more aggressive tread (read: more expensive) for the same price!! Thank God He told David to stop and the problem was visible now! That could have been sooo ugly!!

Mr. Man ordered the uhaul to pick up in the am, a full $100 cheaper then when we came down, and almost the exact amount we have in the bank account after bills. Thankfully there isn’t much to pack because we have been living out of boxes/bags anyway.  Who am I kidding??  We havent unpacked in 4 years.  Just happening so fast! I prayed this morning that He would just make it so obvious, that He would yell at me because I am not hearing His quiet prompting to stay or go… Then all this today…  Yelling for sure, not the kind I was expecting. I just pray it is Him yelling and His will because we don’t have a plan or any idea what to do when we get back, totally relying on Him again to make it all fall in place. 

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