His Patience

You know what amazes me – regardless of how unworthy we are, the Lord blesses us.  And I dont mean “us” as in my family, but “us” as all His Children.  We are all fallen sinners, if He treated us as our human feelings tend to treat others who have offended us, we would all be in a world of hurt with no joy.  But He doesn’t.  He does have a plan for each of us, plans to prosper us, to give us a hope and a future.  Even if its not where we ever envisioned ourselves and have to be completely convinced…  even numerous times.  He sticks with us, never giving up, patiently waiting for us to surrender to His will.

I am feeling so blessed with the people He has put into our lives.  Mr. Man’s friend Blue, I believe, is just as excited about our adventure as we are!  He has been such a help with ideas, helping look for materials, offering assistance.  We have another friend, Conrad and Co., with amazing ideas, who inspire, motivate – and are doing a similar adventure in the land of Costa Rica. Amazed!!  We do our best to keep the nay sayers at bay, but the negative words still filter through sometime.  To hear their excitement for us, the “good job” or “you can do it” means so much.  Thank you Lord – You again gave just what was needed at the perfect moment.

On to technical stuffs – the bobcat was delivered yesterday.  Mr. Man cleared most of the driveway.  This afternoon it was all put on hold – the pin that holds the bucket to the arm was slipping out.  They  should be out in the morning to fix it or bring a new one.  The chainsaw also won’t stay running.  Tomorrow may end up being a fixing day but we are hoping for a lot of progress.  Hoping we can set up camp this weekend.

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