God has the plan

Figure I’d give a bit of an update on our adventure, and how God has been our miracle worker once again 😀 And I will try not to be long winded with all the ups and downs 😛

The search for land took a few extra days, were hoping to already be in the tent on the land by now. But Saturday was spent with a bit of discouragement and going in a different direction only to come full circle back to the original plan. That night one of Mr. Man’s best friends, Blue, invited us to dinner so we could discuss “something”… he is part of a men’s church group called “Tool Time”. Every spring they pick a big project to complete – Blue wants *us* to be that big project and had already submitted it to the group!! The emotions are beyond words!! Even if we could just have someone look at the plans and make suggestions on what would/would not work for the foundation/storm shelter, that would be such a huge amazing blessing!! They seem to think that the mens group will do more – like help with the build and perhaps even help with materiel’s. The project happens in 2 weeks. Again, words escape me for emotions and gratitude for even being thought of for such a huge thing!!  Us!? And I pray that does not sound ungrateful – but, why us??  We have not given foster children forever homes like they have or changed someone life so dramatically!!  At the same time – this may be another way God works to make our little $4,000 create a home – and who am I to question God.  We humbly accept whatever help He blesses us with. Many tears flowed from this highly tear filled pregnant woman!!

By Monday we had decided that the 10.7 acres owner finance was the best suit for us – the street/neighbors better, the land laid out nicely/useable, city water on the street if thats the route we decide later.  The only downsides we can find is it is $200 more each month than we were wanting to spend…  but it is 10.7 acres instead of 2-5 acres we were looking at (and really not liking).  It also has no utilities, but we didn’t figure we would find land with utilities when making our plans.  Not a big shock.  More land outweighs the slightly higher cost.

We walked it with the owner yesterday and again God shows Himself all up in it 🙂 The owners are the same people from 4 years ago – we bought some land and had to give it back not 2 weeks later because of my now ex step father in law actions. The land owner decided to apply the down payment from the first land to this land!!! $900 we dont have to pay now!! AND we are not subjected to the 1200 sq ft minimum!! So even if it takes a while to do an addition, we dont have to rush it!! Even more tears flowed!! PRAISE GOD!!!

I am just beyond words. Leaving a job that I knew I would have made a huge amount in the next 2 weeks, the constant prayers/belief that He has a plan and will stretch the $4k in a supernatural way to make it all happen somehow… just amazing, a whirlwind, and soo soo great full for a Father in Heaven working through others, who loves us and wants to help us this much even though we are so unworthy!! Amazed, humbled, blessed… 🙂

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