I love when God talks to you in unexpected ways!!  After spending 3 hours discussing and researching building foundations, we decided to be done with it.  We still have 2 days left with the bobcat, we can clear and level more and deal with the foundation Wednesday or Thursday after it goes back.  Heading out to the land my Bible App chimes reminding me to read the Bible.  Eh, ok, so I click Bible and it opens.  1 Corinthians 3 –  Foundations for Life.  Ahem.  Yea… point taken.  We don’t have to decide the foundation today, God has this all figured out.  We will deal with it when we have to, leaving it to Him to pre-arrange.  Whew.

We decided to go back farther to make a larger front yard.  Hope we went back far enough, we’ll see today when we stake out the foundation area.  Tisten’s man came out after work to help, as in he called to see if he could come help (?!).  Oh yea, major possible future brother in law brownie points!!  I also found a base rock trucker!   We were told rock for driveway was about $300 for a 5 ton truck…  we need right at 100 tons for the 400ish foot drive.  Do that math :-  Found a trucker yesterday that will bring out 20 tons for $275!!  Because there is a quarry like 10 minutes away and he lives in the same area, transport cost goes waay down!!  Now we have to try and clear the front to make it easier for him to make the turn in, and get a few other trees that have posed an issue on the driveway.

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