Driveway Cont…

How to describe today – productive, labor intensive, Praise God for little things that may not be the best thing.  Let me ‘splain.

The Bobcat was supposed to be picked up at noon.  Gravel delivered at 3:30.  Sigh.  Or so we thought.  They didn’t have us on the schedule for pick up, instead it would be later in the day.  Sweet!  We still had 7 hours of usage left on it.  So Mr. Man got to work doing whatever last minute things we could find.  Bou and I (with some help from the girls), got to work gathering more large rocks to line the rest of the hill on the driveway.  Fast forward – we finish the border on the drive.  The gravel is delivered.  The Bobcat pick up driver calls – he has a flat tire about an hour away!  Praise God!  We got an extra 2 hours use of it!!  Enough time to spread and level most of the gravel!!  Thank you Lord!!!  A little bit will need to be done tomorrow with shovels, which was expected anyway.  And the rock border holds it all in nicely!!
The bad news – the online estimator said 400 ft of gravel at 4 inches thick was a bit less then 100 tons.  After spreading 20 tons out thinner than that… that estimator was wrong.  It will be closer to 150-200 tons.  Oh well, some ups and downs, right??

Camping starts tomorrow  …  Most of the day will likely be spent gathering all of our items and getting what we are lacking.  One step closer!!!

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