A big muddy mess

Today was a race to beat the rain.  We lost. 

We are very blessed to be doing this adventure relatively close to friends and family, a 30 minute drive to the farthest point.  We needed something at that point today.  Since we were there anyway, we decided to wash some laundry and hair (4 girls with long hair and a camp shower doesn’t work so well).  Who knew clean hair was so refreshing! 

It, of course, took longer than expected.

Then it was off to the electric company for utility poles, 11 foot sections are $5, to use as a pier and beam foundation.  They gave us 12 poles – for free!  Because the whole pole isn’t usable.  Which is fine, we only need the 4-6 foot sections in the middle.  Thank you Lord!

Then to beat the rain…  We didn’t.  Consequently we couldn’t make it up the hill with the trailer.  The gravel we had delivered wasn’t enough to do the whole hill.  More gravel just got bumped to high on the list!

The clay mix mud has made things…  Interesting with all the children.  Praying at least the surface dries quickly or tomorrow will be an even bigger challenge 😉

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