Thinking about the future

We have been talking a lot lately about where we go from here.  So here is the basic thought.  We go back, buy some land and camp while we build a tiny home.  Tiny (for us) meaning around 600 square feet – we are a family of almost 8 after all.  Simple!

I’ll wait until you pick yourself up off the floor.

Better??  Ok.

The biggest factor is simple.  Rent is anywhere from $700-$1,000.  Land is easily 1/3 that.  If we payed to the land what we would have paid towards rent, we could easily have the land paid off within a few years.  A tiny home that is 16×20 ft can be built for less then $2,000 (based on Home Depot kit prices) for the shell.  Yes, that means stud walls and plywood floors.  Probably no electricity.  Possibly no running water.  Unless its already on the land.  Roughing it??  Guess it depends on perspective.  Compared to the average American, absolutely.  Compared to 3/4 of the world, its still the lap of luxury – that stuff is still available/accessible, just not immediately in our dwelling.  Instead of going down to the river to fetch dirty water, we can purchase it or fill bottles at friends/family homes with clean filtered water.  Generator for power.  A pain, but doable.

It will take a few months to get it all hooked up and finished, only doing what we have cash for that week/month.  We can then expand.  At only $3,000 per expansion of 16×20, we could expand every few months until we get to our desired size if that’s what we choose to do.

Custom built home, practically debt free (or would be quickly!).  We live for a few months like no one else, so we can have a future like no one else.  A 6 month sacrifice for a lifetime return.  Sold!!

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