Things continue up

Oh my goodness! Praising and thanking God today! Woke up yesterday with so much stress, praying for a miracle. Went to bed last night, with not just 1, but *2* jobs!! Now a different kind of stress has come over me. I haven’t been away from my babies in almost 10 years besides working a few hours a couple times a week, for like a total of maybe 6 months. To working full time plus some :S  Scared and nervous! But praying that we are able to catch back up to where we need to be quickly so we can figure the next step (which includes me cutting way back on hours!). Mr. Man says he can handle the home front, think he’s fixing to find out its actually a lot of work lol! The children are less then excited 🙁 already saying how much they are going to miss me being home – heartbreaking! But tis only for a season – and hopefully a very short season ;). Today we are writing out our goal list to accomplish (the exit strategy), I don’t want to end up staying longer for “just one more thing before I quit”, yknow? And I was feeling a bit like I was being selfish last night for accepting both job offers, but dh said if it was meant for someone else to work there I wouldn’t have gotten hired, but God provided both. Made me feel much better :). So this is fixing to be an insane 6-8 weeks, not that the last 8 weeks haven’t been insane lol. But in a vastly different way than we’ve ever experienced ;). Thank you Lord God!! 😀
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