Oh my! What an evening last night! I am sick to my stomach!! Three weeks in Texas and we have already been robbed. We had a family bbq, while there a service person came to do some things on the remodel. Since everyone know him pretty good and trust him they said it would be alright to leave him and his 4 sons here to do the work while we were next door. Fast forward, a PS3 game was missing when we got back, figured one of our children misplaced it… Until we realized a revolver was also missing and the oldests psp and games! We have a very strong belief on who it was. The games/system makes me mad, but the stolen gun just makes me sick.  I just can’t believe they/he stole $1400 worth of stuff, stuff that we so worked hard to save for! We have filed a report last night, but they can’/won’t do anything unless it is used in a crime…?! Insane! And here my biggest worry has always been training the children about them – not about them being stolen! Welcome to Texas huh?!  Sigh.

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