This whole no internet thing is for the birds.  No, seriously.  Short posts are no big deal to post from the app.  Long winded thought provoking posts, eh, not so much.  So now my plan is to write it up and post during my weekly Starbucks fixvisit.  But thank goodness for the phone with its internet access.  Today a dear friend posted a blog link, and being that we sit here and literally do nothing, all day long. I of course took the 5 minutes to read it.  And boy what an eye opener.  I believe it may have been a kick in the pants from God.  It occurred to me, all these things I have been upset over, are blessings.  Yes we are all living in less than 300 square feet, sleeping in the same bedroom, using the front room as the living room/play room/mud room/school room/dining room/everything room.  Yes we have a fraction of our stuff.  Yes we sit around all day, literally board with literally nothing to do.

Imagine that?! 
300 square feet – do you know how long it takes 6 people to pick up and sweep 300 square feet??  15 minutes tops.  Oh, you want to deep clean all of it.  Every day.  Ok, well there’s an hour.  An hour?!  Yes I am missing almost all of my organizing things – and truly cannot stand things being unorganized, especially in small spaces!!  But I am also missing all the stuff that was ON and IN those things!!  We have very very little – which means we are spending very very little time managing it all (aka picking up).  Instead of spending 4-6 hours every day on just cleaning the house and managing our things, we spend an hour, tops.  What freedom that brings!!  Freedom to do as we please – to do anything, or nothing.  It occurred to me we have been choosing to do nothing.  Nice change, but it’s also been negative.  See, we are used to schedules, routines, a set order.  And now with such a huge block of time opened up, I have nothing to fill it with.  No “to do” list to check off, no “accomplished” at the end of the day.  Or do I??  Wouldn’t “play with children outside for hours” or “go on 3 hour long nature walks” or “read every favorite book” count as “accomplished”.  Fact is, before they got to go play outside and mommy still had chores to do.   
Suddenly, I don’t.  I can go join them and not feel one bit of guilt.  Isn’t that what I have been chasing??  A simple life, not dictated by things.  
I know why, I was blinded.  I was wallowing in self-pity at how far the king had fallen.  When we were preparing to come down, things were said.  We expected certain things.  I had to work through my let down, my hurt and anger.  Thank goodness it only took a couple of weeks!!  Imagine if I would have missed this for months!!  How tragic!!  But what a blessing – especially in this stage of life, to be able to wonder with my children aimlessly for hours, seeing what treasures we can find, creating memories that will last forever.  Or even doing some of those things that I’ve wanted or needed to but couldn’t “find the time” (like scanning the paper photos!). 
I still have a to do list.  Its just different then what I am used to.  And Thank God for that!!  God is good.
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