Looking up

So things are looking up a bit. :). A Pod was delivered yesterday! Maybe I’m crazy, but 7 people in one room is insane – especially when 5 of them are children! :P. Almost have a whole other room cleared out :D. Play area here we come! Whoo hoo! 

The fridge is fixed again, but this time I feel a bit better about it, like maybe it will keep working :P. Still going to wait a week or so before filling It with food… Again… Lol. But hey, if i can shop in the am for dinner and not have to run out at 4pm, I’m good ;). 

The truck should hopefully be fixed tomorrow. Please please, I am really not looking forward to a 3 hour trip with 5 children and multiple buses just to get a few things from walmart 😉 Hoping to have an interview this week, maybe start working this weekend, oh that would be very nice, but one thing at a time, dont want to get to dreamy ;). Thank you Lord for all your Blessings, and especially for being patient with me 😉
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