It is what it is

I have been waiting and waiting.  Waiting to write when I felt positive about our situation.  When I had that feeling of being on a mission for God again.  When I could scream out that God is good!  Of course, God is still good, great actually.  The rest, eh, not feeling it so much.  So while I intended for this to be a very positive blog, sometimes it just not in the fingers.  We have each been facing our own challenges.  Not so bad when its only one or two having daily meltdown, but when there are 7 people, each experiencing them throughout the day.  Oh dear.  Staying positive doesn’t happen so much.  Which continues or worsen the cycle until the only thing you are trying to do is just make it to bedtime.  Tomorrow will be better, right.  It has to be.   Or will it… 
Lessons learned so far:  my ‘crazy’ idea of living in a camper traveling the country, check!  Trial space run, very doable!  Children spending every minute less then 20 feet away from each other at any given moment, check!  Need to work out a system for personal space.  And the fighting issue.  Apparently incredibly close quarters leads to exponentially more discord.  Cooking with minimum appliances and food.  Hrm, mostly check.  Cant seem to get past that pesky refrigeration thing.  And the ‘everything-made-from-scratch-everymeal-because-I-don’t-have-mason-jars-to-premake-the-mixes-so-I-end-up-purchasing-the-night-before-or-we-don’t-eat-breakfast-until-brunch-time.  (ha!  How’s that for ‘most uses of a hyphen in a sentence’!) Eh, we will mark that as mostly check, needs improvement.  Seven people using one bathroom, check.  We have actually been doing this for s few years, only we have graduated to a smaller bathroom.  Few possessions, check.  Actually most of what I brought toy/entertainment for the children had not even been touched. 

What a learning experience this has been in just the few short weeks we have been here. My shortfalls are glaringly obvious to myself, some of them to others. Yet, God is good, He has a plan for us, for this. To use this for His Glory. So I will sing His praises, even when I don’t understand.

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