Figured it out!!

I figured out what God wants me/us to learn! How to live in a shtf world! :P. Go ahead, laugh if you’d like, but I’m mostly serious. Been living on food storage for the last month, no $ for bills, barely any for fresh food. No fridge for 2 weeks, then a broken fridge for a week, repaired, few days later its not working again. It’s now a $600 broken fridge :). David is gone from breakfast until 2 or 3am, everyday but Sunday (which he spends sleeping), which means I’m doing all this solo. Yesterday while going to get groceries the ‘new to us, just sent the first payment Monday’ truck started smelling funny. Diesel leak and an oil leak! Which means we also now have no transportation. Whoo hoo! I have learned however, where all of my glaring holes are in the food storage. Basic things like milk, meat, butter. All those things I had super stocked in the freezers before we moved and I gave it all away (or had to throw away when we got here for lack of freezer). And we are all still in 1 room, one month and counting, which is great training for shelter living. Oh it continues lol. We are on a dead end street, on 20 acres, literally in the middle of the city, 5 minutes from downtown. It’s like a little country gateway among 2.8 million people. Sadly, the drug dealers, prostitutes and thieves know we are here and isolated. Twice on Friday night we had to call the cops out here – first because someone was pillaging through the barn, the second time for a midnight rendezvous. That is not uncommon. Constant checking is enough to drive a mama crazy. Sound enough like a shtf scenario? At least we still have running water and electricity lol!
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