The Miracle has arrived

My heart is bursting with joy right now. Do you know how amazing our God is?? Let me just tell you our latest 😀

Really short recap – we are moving to San Antonio because thats what we felt the Lord wanted us to do. Had no idea the when, why, hows of it at all. A *TON* of “coincidences” occurred that we just knew HAD to be Him. Then 10 days ago it was decided what week we would go – and wouldnt you know it – 2 days later the transmition went out in the Suburban. Mr. Man’s cousin happens to have a “project truck” that is the same everything and he just had a baby and was moving that same week (read: broke!). So we bought his tranny.

THEN a few days later that tranny went out…!? 
We just kept on “if He wants us there He has a huge miracle in the works because we have no idea how this will work out”. 
So get this?! THEN my FIL calls Mr. Man and says that they want to finance a new car for us…?!?!?! WHAT?! We have never had anyone offer anything like that!! We havent done anything with our credit since we gave the house back so us purchasing one wasnt feasible. Interest rate have just been to high for us to afford rebuilding our credit.  And given the unknown-ness of our future, there was no way we were going to even ask anyone to co-sign!! 
So we found a diesel excursion online – in all places – in the town that Mr. Man’s uncle, who is a mechanic, lives!!! He went to check it out for us and said everything checks out really good!! DH leaves in the morning to pick it up.  Having payments is a little intimidating, we have spent the last 4 years becoming debt-free after all.  I may end up getting a job when we get there as the hope is to have it paid off within the year.  
Oh yea, it gets better! We still didnt have gas money or money for a trailer to get there – we do today!!!  Assuming of course that nothing else pops up requiring that money.  But I’m fairly sure if something does, the Lord has a way of getting us the $300 to make the trip. We leave next Wed – right on schedule!!! 
I am just so utterly *amazed* at how all this is playing out (and sooo glad I started a blog about it because I wouldnt remember all these little daily things!) I am just so thankful, and so amazed at how He is pulling all this off – get the feeling He really wants us there for some reason 😀  Thank you Lord for pouring out your blessings on us and using us to fulfill Your Mission.
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