How a Blue Bird took us to Texas

I realize that makes no sense.  “How a Greyhound took us…” that would make sense.  Greyhound being a bus and all.  That would be incorrect (and really difficult for a family of 7, unless we got the whole bus then maybe).  I mean an actual Blue Bird.  And no, it didn’t drop us off either like a stork does to bring babies (that too would be really difficult as well). And I figure since we are spending umpteen hours stuck in a truck driving, perfect time for this post.

Think we’re a little packed in there??

Let me ‘splain.  Now I am no bird watcher – a red bird is a red bird.  I don’t know if its a Cardinal or a red headed wood pecker – its just a red bird in my mind.  Same with a blue bird – if the color is blue and its a bird – tada!  Its a Blue Bird.  See, God and I have this ‘thing’.  When I have a choice to make and don’t have an obvious preference, I pitch it to Him.  “So Lord, you know we really have to decide between X and Y.  So I’m thinking Red Bird for X and Blue Bird for Y.  Cool? Thanks!  You da man!”  (Yes, I really do talk like that to Him.  Ok, well not so much the ‘You da man’ part, but you get the point.)  So back and forth we’ve been going *FOR MONTHS* on what direction to go.  Red Bird, red bird, red bird.  Always a red bird.  Now we live in the (Almost) Middle of Nowhere, country woods – there are blue birds I promise.  He just wasn’t letting me see them. 

Trea’s bear Rockstar driving.

Until a fine little day in July.   We saw our Blue Bird.  Then about another 15 glaringly obvious signs, in a span of less then 2 weeks.  We asked for neon signs, we asked to be hit in the head.  He did it.  He wanted us to move to South Texas.  Does He understand that while I love summer, 120 days of 100+ weather isn’t exactly what I consider “fun”??  Yup, He knows that.  Does He also know that we only know a few people down there and all of my support is up here??  Aware.  Nowhere to live??  Check.  No job to earn money to, you know, buy groceries??  Aye.  Then just like that – within literally hours – we have a house we can rent AND a way to earn that kinda-important grocery money!!  Hrm, ok.  Well then, uh… I guess I’m out of excuses.  I mean really, how do you say NO to that??  “Thanks Lord, know you hooked all this up, but yea, think I’ll pass on the good stuff you have planned because I don’t want to go through the inconveniences/trouble/terror…”  Yea… I don’t think so.  After spending a couple of freak out terrified “WHAT ARE WE DOING?!” days, a peace saying “don’t worry, I’ve got this” surrounds me.  Ahhh… 

And that dear readers, is how a Blue Bird took us to Texas.

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