I’ve been trying to wait until I can post a positive update. Unfortunately I just haven’t reached that point. It has been utter chaos since getting to Texas 2 weeks ago. The first 4 days we lived in a hotel while things were removed from the house that we are living in. Our stuff in a storage unit. Only to find ants all over everything, including all of our food. Thank God no damage found so far, love airtight buckets.  Mr. Man has been working from 9/10 am to midnight/2 am everyday, farm work = hard labor.  The roads freak me out, there is 2.6 million people here in the city, we had that in the entire state! Not to mention the people! Then I am told to not go anywhere after dark by numerous people…?!?! 

What in the Hell have we gotten ourselves into?! And why would God want us here?! 

He pulled major miracles to make it happen – we’re talking down to rolling the exact amount of change need to make the trip! We left 2 perfectly good jobs and a life on tract, and now here we are, Mr. Man busting his butt for not near what he was making up there, living in 1 room, with evidence of critters not welcome in homes, all of us have been sick the entire 2 weeks, I have had so many breakdowns. Got a fridge yesterday, which is a bonus. 

I know He has not abandoned us, I know He is here with us and laying the path before us, but I know what we intentionally left. I am discouraged and disheartened. We all miss our church so much, its just not the same watching it on the phone (thank God we have internet on these! Lol)  Have to love Mr. Man’s optimism though as we were sitting with no fridge and only an electric skillet to boil water to eat our 72 hour kits, he reminded me it was perfect training for the zombie invasion.  He has a point!

And now a bit of funny – interesting flavors down here in South Texas!!

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