Day Two in Texas

These last two days sure have tested us.  Or at least me.  I wont go through all the gory details, just suffice it to say that nothing is as planned or thought.  Patience and who I am have been put into question.  Many breakdowns have occured on my part.  Cries out to the Lord have been frequent.  And then this text (via SMS from Facebook):

Above Rubies:  Let’s take complaining to a whole new level! Picture this: the Israelites hear the bad report from the spies in Num 13, and they voice their concern about going into the Promised Land, crying out in terror and fear! But here is the twist! Let’s imagine that instead of deciding to go back to Egypt in a lack of faith, they continue with resolve to trust the Lord, regardless of the circumstances! They walk in F*A*I*T*H! They agree with Caleb, and trust that He that brought them out of Egypt with an outstretched arm would continue to carry them into the Promised Land, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles! Oh, how much toil and pain they would have saved themselves! So, go ahead, voice your complaint if you must, but then, TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL!! Say, “I am afraid, I don’t like this, I am struggling, this is awful, B*U*T (and here is the next level) I put my trust in YOU, LORD, and I KNOW that You will carry me through”, and then keep moving forward!! Love Michelle

 Wow!!  Could this have come at a more perfect time?!

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