WFMW – Laundry stain remover

I discovered The. Best. Stain remover for clothing. Not sure how I didn’t stumble across this little gem of knowledge before, but alas, mama has apparently been stuck under a rock pile of laundry. Simple – equal parts hydrogen peroxide, water and baking soda. Or if its really bad (of unknown nastyness), straight peroxide. Go ahead, pop a spray nozzle on the bottle. I used a nail scrubber brush thing (that is the technical name) to scrub it in well. Let sit for an hour. Then into a bucket of hot water, detergent and oxy clean for another hour. Wash as usual. Yes my dear readers. It even removed the multiple washed chocolate stain on a bright green polo. Now if you use a dryer, I have no idea how well it will work, we hang dry our clothes. For that underarm yellow ickyness (another techincal term), spray peroxide directly on, sit, soak and hang in the sun. You can even spray it again while it hanging out there letting the sun do its magic.  Now what $4 every week bottle of stain remover!?

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