Week in Pictures

Saturdays are known as “Hog Day” in these parts.  Littlest sporting some new threads for the season.  Don’t strain your eyes – that green thing is his hands is in fact broccoli.  Fake play broccoli.  He thought we would need that for the game.  Oh and a fake strawberry.  And a pot to cook them in.  So he had to pack a bag.

What would a week be without grocery shopping – the family does request that I keep them fed and other silly things of that nature.  Although sometimes I would much rather my experience be similar to this:

Yes Littlest can sleep anywhere.  Actually all of the children are like this.  Blessed??  Perhaps.  I am fairly certain its in the genes – Mr. Man can literally sleep anywhere.  That and they have grown up doing it.  Tired??  Lay down and take a nap!!

Then one day I got the crazy idea to take all the children to visit with their cousin who was having a baby.  Not the cousin, his girlfriend.  Her children were also at the hospital and said “Yea, bring them up here so they can all play”.  Silly me said “Ok!”  Eight children + mom in labor = desperate measures.  Off I go to take all of them outside so mom can get some quiet.  Then my children see Starbucks.  Its official.  They are addicted.  I know this because Littlest, at 2, is jumping up and down hollering “Tar buk!  Yay!”.  Hrmm…  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I walk all 8 of them right in and order 7 short vanilla bean frappachinos and 1 apple juice for Girly.  Crazy looks and all.  Apparently it is better that “only 5” are mine, and no I did not have quads and then twins with single births first and latest.  They took pity on me I believe and hooked us up.  Decided after all that, I deserved a Venti instead of my usual Grande.  No picture of that trip, what can I say, I was a bit distracted.  Then I distracted them.  Ahh, thank you Netflix and hospital Wi-fi!

Here is the Handsome Man – Lil P with Lady.  Is he not adorable!?  No, it does not make me want another one.  Just made me realize how strange it is to not be the one with a little little.

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