The countdown begins

Oh Belle, you only have a few weeks until the Great Move from the Middle of (almost) Nowhere to the Little House in the Country City! You must be busy and packing like crazy! Um, yea, actually no. Nothing is packed. Not. One. Thing. “What are you doing, leaving it to the last minute?” I hear from the back. Yes… and no.

See hears the funny thing – we still don’t know the plan. His does. We don’t. Is Mr. Man going down first and we follow a few weeks later? Is he going to do the big projects before we get there? Are we all going at the same time? Are the children and I doing said projects while he focuses on his tasks? Yes, 3 weeks out and we have no idea. Instead, I am cleaning, decluttering and toting. Like there is much not in totes. Apparently so as I have managed to fill all that were purchased.

All in good time, His plan will be revealed to us, and then the whirlwind will continue. The really interesting part. I’m not stressing about it. Any of it. I figure since He is orchestrating it He will also provide what is needed at just the right time.  If you knew me, you would know that is so not me.  I am a planner.  My brain says “Problem.  Plan.  Action.”  Only I can’t plan this.  I am not in charge of this mission.  I am but a bystander, following.  Trying very very hard to not take control back from God saying “Oh I’ve got this”.  So we wait on His perfect timing.  Then we will plan and act.

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