Setback or opportunity

I have been waiting for that ‘look what miracle God has pulled off again’ moment, but it hasn’t come yet. Saturday night, dropped Bou and his friends off at a church lock in at a Pizza place.  The suv is acting a bit funny.  Strange.  Call Mr. Man, he says just watch it, be careful. It drives mostly ok, just acting a bit funny after take off.  Fast forward.  6 am, worked all night, going to pick them up.  Everything is going ok… Until we drop the friends off.  Turn down the main highway going to he house, pedal to the medal… nothing. Can’t get over 30 mph.  Make the next turn, and can’t get over 20.  Engine just revving.

Are you noticing how this is playing out?

Yup, the transmission went out.

What a blessing I had already dropped the friends off and was only a few miles, on side roads, from the Little House in the Middle of (almost) Nowhere!  Goodness was that a long drive! 

The next day, find out Mr. Man’s cousin says he has a tranny that will work.  Yay! God provided!  A whole lot cheaper then a rebuilt, Mr. Man can put it in himself and since Cousin just had a baby 2 weeks ago AND is moving, the money will really help them as well!  Amazing how He works! 

Except it didn’t totally fix our problem.  Yup, this one is slipping as well. 

So we wait for Him.  Monday was Mr. Man’s last day at work, this weekend is my last, then we will not have any income coming in.  Everything happens for a reason and it’s going to be quite awesome how He pulls this one off let me tell you!!

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