Enough about our crazy idea

Now that you officially know think we are crazy, let me give you a dose of normal. We really are a normal family, well with 2.5 times the children… Ok, so close to normal. We do vacations and day trips often. I love shopping. And nice furniture. And tanning, oh I love tanning and red light beds. I am addicted to organizing. Everything. Therefore I am always buying totes and containers.  You can never have enough of either.

The children like and do all those normal children.things – crafts, sports, the lake, trampoline, hanging out with friends, legos and video games. And shopping. Except Bou, he hates shopping. And they are not always thrilled about mama’s love of photo ops.  Mr. Man loves his PS3 and constructing stuff. And hats. And tennis shoes. Our house is just like yours. Even with the few toys (neatly organized in totes of course), they still end up all over the house. Everyday. I hear they grow out of it… one day. Then we will miss stepping on Legos. Until then, we just keep picking them up. And dream about getting rid of them. The toys, not the children. Laundry is still done (perhaps slightly different than most).

Meals are still prepared (again, just slight differences). Schoolwork is done wherever they will sit and do it – dining room, front porch, next to the lake, upside down on the couch – I don’t care where, just get it done. Normal. See? No need to be nervous about That Southern Belle chick. We’re not totally crazy.

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