Ask and you shall receive

He’s funny sometimes, how He works I mean.  Wouldn’t you know it, after last nights post, the next step is revealed.  We have a date and a plan.  The next few weeks will be a bit crazy I feel.  Then again maybe not.  We are not taking everything right off, just necessities.  The rest I suppose will be packed up, awaiting our return trip.  Packing is such a great decluttering tool.  We have good practice.  This will be our 8th move in our 13 years of marriage, but never so far.  And every time we say next time we are hiring movers.  It hasn’t happened yet.  Last time we did get a moving truck.  That’s a step up right?  When moving 10 miles and very little furniture, a truck isn’t really needed.  We have to have a truck this time, being 600 miles away.  We also know we have at least 1 more move next year, then hopefully, one last move to our forever home. I still don’t like moving.  Lord help us, help me.  Five children, two adults and one dog.  New state, new focus, new adventure.  Lord, let us not be distracted from the mission you are sending us on.

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