Our Experiment

So this is our goal, our experiment. To live as simply as possible, balancing the current privileges of being Americans with the benefits past generations, other societies, have enjoyed. Not being consumed by our ‘bigger, better, faster’ society that demands so much of ourselves to acquire and maintain. Being able to build and maintain relationships. To focus on experiences. Yet still having some of those things that we want. I am still an American woman that loves nice things after all. To slow down, take a long hard look at all the “needs”, figure out what is really a need or want.  Even challenge ourselves to find out if those needs are truly needs. Then figure out how to accomplish it all with as little input as possible. What modern day “helpers” truly help return to us the greatest number of hours. Somehow in today’s age we have so many appliances that do the work for us, yet we still don’t have time. Greatest return for minimal investment. The adventure continues… again.

Its the big things – like running water.  Sure the cheapest would be to have a hand pump on a well.  Nothing against that if that’s your thing, but I’d like a little more.  Like turning on the facet and getting clean water.  I would rather not have to spend hours each day fetching water.  Cause I’m just lazy like that.  Greatest return.  Trading a few hours at a job to have a months worth of clean, easily accessible water.  Redefining goes all the way down to the little things – paper or cloth towels, store bought or homemade cleaners.  You get the idea.

Why go through this??  Why give up all this stuff that we love to have, that people work so hard to have??  Why purposely go down this long, not often traveled road??  Because we have been there.  We are that family whose husband has worked his tail off, working 80 hours a week to provide faithfully for his family, without complaint, incredibly UNselfishly.  Because we figured out that our children don’t really care if we live in a 3000 square foot house, they remember that month last year when we went to the lake every other day, even though the lake is a 45 minute drive one way.  They don’t remember the toys they didn’t get at Target.  They remember when we drop everything and spend the day at the zoo, as a family.  They don’t care that our last family vacation was the tightest budget ever, they only remember a week at the beach with their extended family that was the. Most. Fun. Ever.  They don’t care that they we didn’t give them the newest 3DS, they remember that we saw the favorite band in concert.  That is what matters.  And they are still young enough that we can change it.  Not miss anymore.  Not slave away, barely making it paycheck to paycheck.  Not look back and say “I wish I had…”.  To no longer want to give more to that charity, in time and money, but to be able to do it.  To slow down and enjoy the day The Lord has created.  It is possible to have it all, we just have to be a bit more creative with the ‘how’.

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