A unique opportunity

Imagine if you will, having the ability to wake when your body rhythm stirs you. Leisurely getting out of bed and enjoying a cup of coffee with your husband. Imagine the children sitting down with you, their parents, to enjoy a calm breakfast. You invest all day together, doing family things, or even separate things, yet still together. You invest time pursuing a hobby, preparing meals for a family in need, volunteering somewhere, simply building relationships with those around you. When your daily duties are accomplished (or even if they are not) and dinner is cleaned up, you settle the children down for bed to enjoy a little bit of quiet before you settle yourself into bed. Its Sunday-like, everyday. At least, most days. Imagine, not spending 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, preparing for, going to and from and leaving everything you are working for, to well, work.  Only getting 2 days each week to do all that is needed and all that you desire. Imagine switching that and only spending 2 days each week working and spending 5 to live life. That is the goal. Our goal.

We, in America and other advanced countries, have an opportunity never before attainable for the average family. Easily accomplished for royalty and the privileged, but not us common folks. To be honest, most of the present day world does not have this opportunity. It is that big of a blessing. If we take it. There is a balance, a happy medium, between our American way of spending a majority of our lives working and our historical and present day counterpart of spending all day surviving. To balance relationships with now attainable material possessions that can save us time and make us more comfortable. That is our unique opportunity in America.

We have electricity, running water and sewer.  We have an abundance of food, clothing, furniture.  Land is available, and obtainable, to everyone.  Homes can be built or purchased.  Most of us donate or even throw away thousands of dollars of stuff every year.  We can use all of that to our advantage without trading an extraordinary amount of the only non-regenerating commodity we have, our time.  We just have to figure out how…

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