Change of plans

Quite huge actually. Due to circumstances beyond our control, our beautiful house idea will not come to fruition, at least not any time soon. Life has thrown another curve… long story short – my mother in laws husband had her served last week, very unexpected, which means our plans have POOF gone away. She cant afford to keep the house on her own, we don’t want to live down the road from him – so the only other option is to move in with her indefinitely. Whats really crappy about it all is we had a 10 day ‘grace period’ after we bought the land to back out – he had her served on the 11th day. POOF goes $1,000! Just like that, and no they wont work with us, we’ve already talked to them.

Of course with everything there are positives and negatives. I was really really excited about making a house out of storage containers, I was actually supposed to order our first one that day, which now I am glad of my procrastination 😉 We had the well man set up to put the pump and stuff together… Oh well. On the other hand, instead of spending the $20k on a house we can put that towards the RV fund. She seems to be entertaining the idea of going on the road with us as well, now when she actually sees the inside of a 34′ class C we’ll see how keen she is of the idea LOL!

We are of course, trying to look at this as another adventure even though we haven’t exactly figured out what is so adventurous about it LOL Maybe the fact that we are combining 2 households… or we are going to be living with my mother in law… we’d better learn to get along very well and become pretty darn close if we are all gonna be in a 300 sq ft RV for 2 years LOL!!

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