The Why

I know what you are thinking. I’ve questioned myself often as well. The why for me is simple. I’m tired of waiting for “Someday” and “One Day” to come. I’ve searched and searched and for the life of me can not find it on a calender anywhere. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places. I hear I may be right though and those days are not listed.

I suppose it all really started when I was younger. I heard a motivational speaker once and what he said has been ingrained in my head. He was a wealthy man, and because of that wealth he was able to do things most people cant. Him and his family would travel the world to enhance the children’s education. What was so fascinating to me at such a young age was how cool it would be to actually touch the Eifle Tower, see the Nile River, smell the plains in Africa. Years later, once it was decided that we would home school I started seriously thinking about it again – you know that “one day” we would travel around and allow the children to see, smell, touch, become immersed in different cultures. Alas, “one day” wasn’t showing up. Instead it almost seemed like living this Suburban American Dream was taking us further away from “one day”!

To add to it, the last year was rather rough as a family. I have had a glimpse of how fragile life really is, how quickly it can all change or be taken away (by God’s Grace we did not have to endure the full extent of what that could be). Its strange really, when you realize how fragile it all is and how much all these things, these material possessions, dont matter. Will my children really remember how many Polly Pockets they had?? Would they remember walking the Trail of Tears or the Great Wall?? To get even more realistic, while the Great Wall would be a great background, they will probably just remember spending tons of time with their family. My guess is the later would far outweigh the previous. Talk to cancer patients, or really anybody that has had to face death head on, and most of the time they live their lives differently – they are litterally living for today, knowing tomorrow may not come. They have two options – they can live safely, just as they always had or they can do all those things they’ve wanted to do in spite of the fear that arises (because face it, anything that takes you out of your known comfort zone is scary at first!). One is not ‘better’ then the other, just different. Would I be upset looking back in 20 years if we didnt do this?? No, I love the life we’ve made, I dont require much to be content and happy, but I know I would always have that “It would have been so great if we had…” in the back of my head.

Life’s short and it doesn’t wait. So my response??? Lets start doing those things we’ve always wanted to do “someday”!! And guess what?! My dear husband actually agreed!!!! 🙂 Hence this blog – its a huge time of change in our lives, and as change goes, it is all at once thrilling and terrifying. A million issues and questions will appear, just as a million emotions will arise.

Follow along with us on this journey!

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