The Plan

The plan is quite simple actually. Buy an RV and travel the states then on to Europe, then hopefully the rest of the world (mostly dependant upon funds and world affairs at that point). The goal is roughly Spring of 2011 – that’s 2 full years and a few months from now. At that point the children will be (roughly) 12, 8, 6, 4 and 2… oh and did I mention we have 2 dogs (a lab and a bichon) that will be tagging along… 😉

OK, well that’s easy enough, right?? Ha!! If only… No, the truth is there are a million “Little Plans” that go into the “Big Plan” – everything from choosing diesel or gas engine, type of RV (Class A or Class C) to the big things, you know, like how to fund this expedition. The plan seems to be ever evolving, so this will be a topic we update frequently.

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